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NEUX is a minimalist and reactive UX library

03 Aug 2023 | javascript neux

For a long time, I wanted to make a full-fledged implementation of the front-end UX library like Vue, React, or Solid. The previous attempt was implemented as a library LibUX. This library was based on JS classes and implements component rendering functionality based on an EJS-like template syntax. Also, there is implemented support for working with states, routing, and localization.

This year I was able to take the time to design and develop a more modern approach. So the NEUX library appeared. The library includes a set of functions for creating such entities as states, views, localization, routing, synchronization with storage, remote procedure call. The library is available for use both with and without builders.

NEUX is a nifty ecosystem for user experience development. Its short name is {\}. The JavaScript frontend library has features and tools are suitable for building single-page applications (SPA).


Here are the main concepts behind NEUX:

Additional information is available on the project page.

I prepared an example To-Do app to demonstrate how the library works.


This example uses the stack: NEUX + Tailwind CSS + Vite.